No point staying if I can't contribute

Misbah says: "I think especially after scoring over 400 in the first innings, we weren't disciplined with the ball. We could not build any pressure. We conceded about 270 runs in about 58 overs and I think that's where we lost all the momentum. From there we were behind the game. Full credit to the Australian batsmen. It's a funny game under pressure.
The fact that you can only draw and lose the game puts pressure on the side. We were thinking if we get a few wickets with the ball in the morning it would be easy for us, but anything over 100 is tough and you never know in the final innings. Anything can happen. Pressure can do certain things. Outstanding innings from Azhar in the first innings, the ball was swinging and seaming. He played the straight drive so well. Test cricket is about winning sessions and it's not just one innings. We will go to Sydney and see what sort of a wicket is there on offer."

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