Virat Kohli shoulders arms and dismissed AGAIN

33.5 over for Lyon to Kohli, out Lbw!! This is a body blow for India. A brainfade for Kohli more than anything else. How on earth did he decide to leave this ball all alone? He was shocked himself. The appeal was very loud and confident, umpire Nigel Llong thought about it for a long time and then raised the finger.
Kohli consulted his partner and then decided to review, looked plumb in front and it was a waste of a review in the end. This was a flatter delivery from Lyon, Kohli was back and across in his crease, he thought this would spin down the leg-side and left the ball alone, it came straight at him and struck him in line with middle stump. It took ages for ball-tracking to come, although Kohli did not wait for the verdict and started walking as soon as he saw the impact on the pad on the giant screen. India under serious pressure now. Kohli lbw b Lyon 12(17) [4s-2]

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